Open Relationships: Finding a deeper level of love
Open relationships: Stripping the labels and deepening in love

Come join us to deepen our embodied perspective of how love feels in the body and how to expand this capacity in terms of relationships. This requires and in depth understanding of how becoming more present time focused we can access an ability to love more fully, more deeply and it helps us bypass the minds focus of being past and future oriented.

Let's de-condition our co-dependent love stories and step into a higher vibration of being, into transformational partnerships that are genuinely committed to and supportive of growth.

We invite you to this gathering of Spiritually Minded, Open, Fluid, LGBTQ, Polyamorous, Polysensuous, Polycurious, Monogamomish people. This is a safe, fun way to meet new people who are also participating in Open Relating and to gain some practical tools for your relationship or future relationship(s)!

If we expand on possibilities we start to see that our relationships offer us such a beautiful chance to heal, for growth and to the transformation of love. When we consciously choose to embody our relationships as part of our spiritual path, we can gain deeper insights into who we really are at the core of our being.

To chose to live and relate in an open or polyamorous way requires a community of like-minded souls. Without community we do not have the necessary support we need as couples and individuals to love as big as our hearts desire.

Why we each consciously choose to live in alternative ways then the ones that were passed down to us from earlier generations is very personal. Some do it to increase the variety of sexual partners and others do it as a spiritual path to embrace the light and shadow of opening up.

There are many ways to make it work. Some people have stated agreements meanwhile others rely on embodied principles and some are just totally radical (Relationship Anarchy). Regardless of your personal preference, most of us were not raised with role models for this alternative way of relating. So we must come together to role model and mirror one another.

As the definition and practice of relating is expanding beyond what we were taught by our parents we want to invite you to join the conversation. How do you navigate these waters? What have you found that works? Come just to listen and observe or come to participate and add your own thoughts, questions and perspectives into the conversation.

During this 4 hour gathering we will Share, Connect and Practice. We will give tools, resources, and introduce a practice that helps us to undermine destructive patterns, increase bonding and love in general and especially in periods of challenge in our relationship.

We invite you to join the conversation of open relationships where we aim to come together to create a Culture of Conscious Relating.

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Sprout Love

* Shamanic non-dualistic approach to relationship
* Communicating effectively within relationships
* Creating a container of self-love

* Consciously looking at our outwards projections for self-validation in relationships
* Masculine/Feminine Dynamics - direction and flow and how we often look outwards for unhealed aspects of our inner masculine/feminine
* Clearing emotional and energetic blocks which cloud our true souls yearning
* Exercises to expand consciousness and offer new reference points
* Sacred Sexual Pathways
* Learn tools for communicating your vulnerability, desires and owning boundaries
* Embodied exercises and tools around boundaries & consent

This is a conscious and mindful event, no drugs or alcohol so we can maintain a potent field for transformation.
For who: All genders, orientations and relationship styles.
Touch: There will be touch by partner and with the group dynamic at your choice.
Nudity: There will be choice as to how much clothing you are wearing
Sexual content: This does involve sexuality as a core concept of our relationship with our self and how it reflects with others, we may be practicing taoist practices of moving sexual energy in the body(alone)
This is a (chemical) scent free event, please be mindful of not wearing perfume.

• €20 Early Bird(limited spaces) or €25 regular

If you require a low income ticket we sometimes take on angels for support for some data entry as well always looking for quality photographers.


1) Full amount to ING bank transfer: NL50 INGB 0668 3718 97, H. Kramer,  Amsterdam 
or paypal tansfer to love@intimacyunleased (paypal fees must be paid by you) 
2. Send an e-mail to with your payment confirmation details, your full name and contact details, gender, event, name and city. 
3. You will receive a welcome leter and confirmation of your place when your payment is confirmed.
Full refund given up to 7 days from event, 50% if you cancel 24 hours before the event and no refund on the day of the event.


Yoga mat, pillows, sarong or blanket for extra comfort
Water bottle
Pen & Paper
Come as your beautiful self, wear something that makes you feel good, you feel comfortable in and in which you can move freely.

We are expanding in many directions and we hope to connect. Get in touch with us via email about bringing any of our events to you.