Soul, Sex + Surrender: A Radical Journey Into Intimacy

To be truly intimate you must first be honest with yourself. Only then can you enter into deep relationship with another. Shame, blame, and fear of our own vulnerability keep us from engaging each other in full authenticity. Intimacy then, is not all love and light. The great paradox of relationship is that, in order to be open and tender we must also be fierce!

Join Lynn & Bjorn in a continued exploration of our edges and deepening the connection to what challenges us in the world of intimacy and blocks us from stepping into our power. You are invited to explore the multiplicity of selves that are called upon in a true meeting. In acknowledging the child, the temptress and the performer, we invite in all the parts of us that have tried to protect us from true vulnerability. Through movement, touch, tenderness, and a little kink, everyone will be invited to express their desire and juiciness.


During this weekend you will:

o Play with the polarity between the masculine and feminine

o Explore power dynamics

o Learn new ways of bringing depth and excitement into relationships

o Understand the true meaning of consent.

o Discover the nuance of touch

o Practice self responsibility

o Sniff the forbidden

There will be separate men and women’s rooms for a portion of this workshop to create a connected, safe space where all aspects of the self will be supported and held.

The rest of the weekend will be a curated deep dive into learning skills that are essential to opening ourselves up through the practice of intimacy and polarity.

Februari 2018
Fee: Early Registration November 15th: 400€, 485€ after (includes vat)
Max participants: 10 men, 10 women




Friday              9 Februari                    19:30 -22:00

Saturday          10 Februari                 10:00 - 18:00

Sunday            11 Februari                 10:00 - 19:00