Zouk by Caroline Haugsted

Please note that the activities won’t take place from 4 December till the 22th of January!

Welcome to the new Brazilian Zouk Classes in Amsterdam! Drop-in possible in all classes. Every Wednesday from September to the end of November you will be able to take Brazilian Zouk Classes with Caroline at Mirror Centre

18:30-19:30 Zouk Ladies Technique
19:30-20:30 Zouk Fundamentals
20:30-22:00 Solo Technique for Zouk Dancers

Sometimes when we take classes and workshops, there is a lot of focus on the leading, and less on the follower’s technique. If you are a follower and want to spend a whole class focused on your own technique and how to improve your (partner) dance in Brazilian Zouk, this is the class for you! We will work on footwork, posture, body movement, hips, turns, balance, head movement etc., which will all greatly help you once you dance with a partner. We will show you directly how to apply what you learn in the dance – no long combinations that are useless on the dance floor!

You can start any time and come drop-in. The class is open level, meaning no experience necessary. We will always give you easier or more challenging variations to practice, depending on your level.

Price: Drop-in €15 per class. Pay in exact cash on the day or directly online: https://bunq.me/carolinehaugsted

This is an open-level class where we will work on the basic movements, as well as transitions and variations within all the most fundamental movements in the Brazilian Zouk. This is a differentiated class meaning that we will teach different variations of the movements with different levels of difficulty depending on the students. Everyone is welcome to join this class – we will have tips for you to improve your dance whether you are a beginner or an experienced dancer! You can start any time and come drop-in.

Price: Drop-in €15 per class. Pay in exact cash on the day or directly online: https://bunq.me/carolinehaugsted

Weekly training for Brazilian Zouk Dancers in Amsterdam for those who are ready to take the next step in their dance!
With Caroline’s background in teaching solo dance and Brazilian Zouk, she will show you how to apply technique from solo dance directly in your Brazilian Zouk to greatly improve your dance. Don’t have time to take both Zouk and Solo dance classes but ready for more? Then this intensive training is for you! If you are not sure about your level and whether this course is for you, write to Caroline at carolinehaugsted@gmail.com for more info.

Price: Drop-in €15 per class. Pay in exact cash on the day or directly online: https://bunq.me/carolinehaugsted

Caroline (Denmark) has many years of experience in dance, but her favorite dance is Brazilian Zouk. She dances and teaches Brazilian Zouk, High Heels, Modern, Modern jazz, Jazz, Contemporary, Improvisation, Ballet and Barre classes. She has been teaching and organizing Zouk in Copenhagen since 2014. She finished her Bachelor of Arts in Education at the Amsterdam School of the Arts (AHK) in 2018 and has taught Zouk at international congresses, for example Berlin Zouk Congress, Amsterdam Zouk Congress, St. Valentine’s Dance Weekend, and performed at countless others, Copenhagen Kizomba Royal Festival, Dutch Zouk Congress. She started her own dance school in Copenhagen in 2016, focusing on Brazilian Zouk, Bachata and contemporary dance. Her current partner is Juanma Ponce (Argentina) and they are currently working and training together internationally, as Juanma is based in Copenhagen and Caroline in Amsterdam. They still teach intensives and workshops together in Copenhagen at Caroline’s school Zonen for dans & bevægelse.

More info: www.carolinehaugsted.com

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Discount & Registration

Student or unemployed? 10% discount on all classes
Want to join more than one class? 20% discount on second/third class(es)

Register by private message to Caroline or by email telling us which of the options you would like to choose. You can register for the whole season (September-November) or for drop-in classes. You can register with or without a partner. Please register if you are coming!

Pay in exact cash on the day or directly online: https://bunq.me/carolinehaugsted

Get in touch!

E-mail: carolinehaugsted@gmail.com
Website: www.carolinehaugsted.com
Telefoon: +45 42 83 43 78

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