Tango is not only a dance, but also a way to gain more awareness in your life. You learn the possibilities of your body and mind, and in a playful way you improve your attitude.

Anyone who can walk can learn tango. The starting point in this dance is walking, in an elegant way, in harmony with your partner. Tango is a dance in couples. This is possible with a regular partner, but changing partners is a characteristic feature of this dance. In this way you discover the relationship of the ‘self’ with the ‘other’.

The leader and the follower are the dance couple. Both are in an equal position, but with a clear difference in role division. There is constant communication without words, and both are inspired by each other to dance.

Argentinian tango keeps you moving and makes you creative. And it is danced all over the world. Rightly so! Because it is good fun that you will never want to let go.

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10 lessons: €125,- p.p.

For the second course during the same period, you pay €70,- per course per person extra.

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