O&K Connection

We are Olga and Kevin, creators of an O&K Connection movement, a mission of which is to make this world a better place through the art of Dance. Our goals are to inspire people to dance, unleash talent, spark creativity, improve quality of life, and create a safe environment for everyone to express self through dance. Our core values are passion for dance, emotional connection, experience for two, mutual respect within a strong dance community.

Kizomba is all about connection to us. A connection to another person through dance to share the passion, warmth and appreciation for dance and music. But connection not only on a physical level, also on an emotional and even spiritual level.

Kizomba is all about music to us. Beautiful African rhythms, emotional voices, the breathing of the songs – it takes over your whole body. The rich tunes spark your creativity and musicality taking you each time on a unique musical journey.

Kizomba is all about sharing to us. Sharing the best you have in your mind and soul. Since it is a very intimate dance where people enter each other’s zones, it is crucial what they bring with themselves into another person’s world. Is it Respect? Care? Appreciation? Gratitude? Love?

Kizomba is all about flow to us. No force, no tension, only confident yet gentle leading and gracious following, inviting to create something beautiful together. A beautiful dance, a beautiful experience, a beautiful memory.

We want to share all these with YOU!

Meedoen aan deze les?


Per course: €89,-

Per uur/les: €15

Kizz MeetUp entrance: €5,-

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E-mail: hello@okconnection.world

Website: http://www.okconnection.world/ 

Telefoon:+31 (0)6 24 21 22 49

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