Conscious Speed Dating: A Tantric Journey is an intimate, fun take on the classic speed dating. This is an experience you won't want to miss as it will shift perception of how we relate as well as give skills that will help relationships flourish.

This is an amazing opportunity to meet like-minded, open-hearted people create deep fulfilling connections. 

We will have participants facing each other and guide you through beautiful, fun and intimate connection exercises, once complete we will rotate to their next 'date experience'. We will have partipants rotate. 

The exercises will involve creating an inner circle facing outwards and an outside circle facing inwards. Each circle will pair up with someone of the opposite side and they will be guided through a connection exercises, then we will rotate you to your next 'dating experience''. 

This will continue untile everyone has had a change to experience each other. The exercises are both fun, intimate and create a beautiful energetic platfrom to feel what someone feels like beyond the traditional chit chat of  'where are you from?' and 'what do you do?'' 

We've created this journey using Tantric practices of feeling the energetics ata subtle level as well as using the 5 sense to connect with people who see us for what we are beyond the job titles and superdicial veil we create in the typical dating exerpience. All in a beautiful safe container where your essences are gently brought to the surface and celebrated. 

Come with a clear mind, playful attitude and the willingness to open your heart. 

We are looking forward to dive deep into this experience with you!

* Shamanic non-dualistic approach to relationship
* Communicating effectively within relationships
* Creating a container of self-love

* Consciously looking at our outwards projections for self-validation in relationships
* Masculine/Feminine Dynamics - direction and flow and how we often look outwards for unhealed aspects of our inner masculine/feminine
* Clearing emotional and energetic blocks which cloud our true souls yearning
* Exercises to expand consciousness and offer new reference points
* Sacred Sexual Pathways
* Learn tools for communicating your vulnerability, desires and owning boundaries
* Embodied exercises and tools around boundaries & consent

This is a conscious and mindful event, no drugs or alcohol so we can maintain a potent field for transformation.
For who: All genders, orientations and relationship styles.
Touch: There will be touch by partner and with the group dynamic at your choice.
Nudity: There will be choice as to how much clothing you are wearing
Sexual content: This does involve sexuality as a core concept of our relationship with our self and how it reflects with others, we may be practicing taoist practices of moving sexual energy in the body(alone)
This is a (chemical) scent free event, please be mindful of not wearing perfume.

• €20 Early Bird(limited spaces) or €25 regular


1) Full amount to ING bank transfer: NL50 INGB 0668 3718 97, H. Kramer,  Amsterdam 
or paypal tansfer to love@intimacyunleased (paypal fees must be paid by you) 
2. Send an e-mail to with your payment confirmation details, your full name and contact details, gender, event, name and city. 
3. You will receive a welcome leter and confirmation of your place when your payment is confirmed.
Full refund given up to 7 days from event, 50% if you cancel 24 hours before the event and no refund on the day of the event.


Yoga mat, pillows, sarong or blanket for extra comfort
Water bottle
Pen & Paper
Come as your beautiful self, wear something that makes you feel good, you feel comfortable in and in which you can move freely.