Workshops are indicated in the colors GREEN (basic level), ORANGE (intermediate level) and RED (advanced level). Also there is an indication for which workshops you need a PARTNER (P), the other workshops are INDIVIDUAL (I).

PLEASE NOTE: for the workshops with partner you need to couple up yourself, so bring your own partner! During the workshops we will not change partners as dance levels might differ amongst participants, except with the rueda workshops. We therefore reserve the right to extract participants from the (rueda) workshops in case they form any obstruction to the rest of the group.





 Registration 11:00-13:00


Salsa con Nudos (P)

Asdrubal & Amber

Salsa con Styling (I)

Ernesto & Sirpa


Cubaton (I)


Son (P)

Ernesto & Anouk


 Lunchbreak 14:10-14:50


Salsa con Rumba (P)

Asdrubal & Anouk

Rueda (P)

Ernesto & Amber


Rueda de la Calle (P)

Asdrubal & Sirpa

Afro (I)




PARTY!! with DJ Rafi & DJ Maestro

22:00-22:30 workshop Conga (all levels) by Asdrubal

0:00 Show by Asdrubal


Salsa con Nudos; Cubans master the art of completely entangle the arms while dancing, so practice your ‘knots’ in this workshop.

Salsa con Styling; Cuban salsa has a very specific styling, so to dance ‘a lo Cubano’ (as a Cuban) you will learn all techniques considering posture, body movement and movement of arms & feet.

Cubaton; the Cuban variation of reggaeton which is very popular in Cuba.

Son; the precursor of the salsa to which elegance and rhytm (contra-tiempo or ‘on 2’) is key.

Salsa con Rumba; with rumba men and women playfully challenge each other. Practice your styling and be aware of the ‘vacunas’!

Rueda; in this rueda we will practice the ‘international figures’ (used worldwide) such as ‘81’ and ‘sombrero con mambo’. Participants need to have some knowledge of rueda and master basic figures.    

Rueda de la Calle; in this ‘street style rueda’ Asdrubal will bring you the latest trends from Cuba! Participants need to master the international figures and at least some complex rueda figures.    

Afro; especially for the very advanced dancers Ernesto will bring you a hot Afro-Cuban choreo, so prepare yourselves to sweat! 


Tickets are only available via the website (iDEAL) or at the door (cash).

Fullpass             €45,00 (pre)*                 €55,00 (door)

Bootcamp          €40,00 (pre)*                 €50,00 (door)

Party                   €10,00 (pre)*                 €15,00 (door)

*Pre sale available up to April 20 at 21:00