Conflicts and Personal Growth, Amsterdam

June 1-3, 2018
Drs. Ellen and Max Schupbach

How to prevent, manage, mediate and resolve conflicts in yourself, your relationships and your teams and organizations

Process Work, a whole system approach to facilitation and coaching, is based on insights from modern physics and psychology and has its roots in C.G.Jung’s dream analysis. Developed by Arnold Mindell, a physicist and psychologist, it has been expanded to work with conflicts in large groups of up to a 1000 people, across international organizations and local communities, and in small teams, families, relationships and inner conflicts of individuals.

This three day workshop will demonstrate and teach the stru
cture of conflicts, the phases they go through and how you can prevent, manage, mediate, and resolve them. It is meant for coaches, facilitators, and leaders from diverse backgrounds, and anyone interested in reducing the number of conflicts in this world.

The concise theoretical framework allows you to work with conflicts creatively, even when other stakeholders in the conflict seem to have no interest in finding resolution.

Drs. Ellen and Max Schupbach are co-founders of the Deep Democracy Institute International (DDI), an initiative bringing Process Work into the organizational and business worlds and connecting it with diverse communities worldwide. They coach leaders and executives and work with teams and organizations across the globe. They are keynote speakers in international conferences and featured in numerous television and radio interviews.

The Deep Democracy Institute has training programs in USA, Europe, East Africa, Ukraine, Russia, and South East Asia. This seminar can also serve as an introduction seminar to DDI’s
2 Year Certification Program.

This year, our annual 10 Intensive Training with over 100 participants from all continents will be held in Cairo from October 5-14, 2018.


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1 juni

Conflicts and Personal Growth

15:00 – 19:00

2 juni

Conflicts and Personal Growth

13:00 – 17:00

3 juni

Conflicts and Personal Growth

10:00 – 13:00