Newsletter English translation

Dear Mirror Member,
Once again, the cabinet has announced an extension of the hard lockdown. Although we were very disappointed and of course had hoped for other news, but we want to use this mailing to bring some positivity!

Lockdown update
The granting of the hard lockdown means that unfortunately no sports lessons and meetings can be organized yet. This means that Mirror Centre will remain closed, until at least April 20, 2021.

If there are any changes in the meantime, you will be informed via our newsletter and our socials.

Mirror Member cards 
Do you have a Mirror Member card or other strip card? These will of course be extended in validity.

Plant with us!
Mirror Centre is full of plants and we love ‘stekken’. That is why we are happy to share our handy ‘stek’ tips with you! Check out the corresponding article with video!

Check out the article here!

How to smudge
We could all use some positivity right now. So this feels like the right time to ritually cleans your home and yourself. Curious how? Check out the following article with video!

Check out the article here!

We hope to have informed everyone enough about the adjusted situation within Mirror Centre. Do you have any questions regarding the email? Please contact