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Dear Mirror Family,

Over the past few days, we have all experienced the effect of the Coronavirus on everyone and everything. We wanted to take the time to feel and experience what we want and can do in this. We want to turn this challenging situation into something positive. In addition, we believe in the enormous power of cooperation and connections and we want to continue to encourage everyone to find guidance in this. At the moment most people are at home, alone or with a partner. The most important core values; freedom, health and trust are currently very uncertain. We as Mirror Centre want to contribute to this. We may be closed, but our vision still lives on (collaboration, connection and inspiration). There are a number of creative ideas that we would like to share with you.

Many people are currently confined to their homes. This means that they cannot participate in their weekly dance class, meditation session or plan their visit to family. Loneliness sometimes rears its head here and this is a theme that we would like to pay extra attention to during this period.

Video content
We want to continue to connect with a large group of people at home, by recording lessons, workshops, inspiring words, interviews, tutorials and DIYs. We will offer a number of videos on our social media channels or via our member platform.

Lessons / workshops
By continuing to offer people their weekly workshop or lesson, they remain connected to what is around them. Mirror Centre has the possible means to offer this paid or for free.

Tutorials / interviews / DIYS
Do you have some good tips for meditating at home? Does knitting help you to fully come to yourself? Or do you like to share your own way of staying connected? Through tutorials we want to share fun and relevant tips and tricks that the members can now also apply at home!

Blog post
In addition to the online video content, we will publish a blog post (in addition to our usual once a week blogpost) every day. This will contain different topics for each target group. Guest writers are always welcome!

Filming and editing
Mirror Centre will film and edit these videos. We are currently closed, which makes it possible to film on location. If this is not desired, filming at home is of course also possible. We take care of the edit and that it’s our responsibility to post it online! We naturally take into account the measures submitted by the government.

In addition, the Mirror Center is also committed to people who are not online and who now need even more attention. We will distribute various beautiful words, texts, quotes at nursing homes. Everyone can use loving words right now.

Why do we send this to you?
You belong to our beautiful Mirror Family. More than ever, we need togetherness at the moment. Let us let go of all our creativity and love on this together. We as Mirror Centre are open to any idea to work on this together.

Do you want to contribute to this, just like us? Are you, like us, buzzing with a lot of creativity, ideas and energy? Then don’t hesitate to contact us!