Taboobies in Mental Health

The Trimbos Institute reports that almost 50% of all people experienced one or more mental illnesses during a lifetime. On the other hand, the Nationale Nederlanden reports that discussing mental illness is the biggest taboo in Dutch society and that almost one fifth of the population can’t discuss these issues at all. Depression, panic attacks, alcohol- and drug abuse, there is a list of numerous mental illnesses.

During this workshop we want to discuss these subjects through conscious storytelling. As the numbers report, mental health is not unusual but it is still a taboo subject. Why is it so difficult to talk about your mental condition? Is there shame, sadness, pain? Maybe you are going through a depression at the moment and are in need of sharing your story or you might have found a solution for your panic attacks and found a way to integrate this in your life. During this evening we create a safe bedding where unity and connection is priority, you don’t have to drag this taboo alone with you! Sharing is enlightening and this is possible during the Taboobies in Mental Health evening


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sep 28 2020





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