Taboobies in New Moon Flow

”Moonflow” can be used as a synonym for ”Menstrual Cycle”, both cycles have a lot in common when it comes to time and energy.

In this workshop we will discuss taboo topics around the moonflow in our current society. Birth control, work and menstruation, seks and menstruation, energie and menstruation etc. Together we will dive into how your menstrual cycle is key for how you feel during the month and your itinerary. We’ll also dive in which beliefs you have about your cycle and how we can make our months more productive with care and love. How will you stay connected to your body without carelessly taking painkillers? We’ll give you tools to find relaxation during your period and we will also give you some tools to spend your period in less pain. And of course there will be cacao !

Early bird tickets are €25 (till Tuesday 15 sept)
Regular tickets are €30

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sep 18 2020





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