Although isolation is the right response to the coronavirus pandemic, we don’t want people to feel lonely. That’s why we summed up a couple tips, with which we try to prevent loneliness, in a guide.

1. Face – to – Face from afar
The next best thing to in-person interaction is video chat, because body language and other nonverbal manners of communication are important for bonding. When possible, choose for video instead of messaging or calling and try to expand the conversation into actually doing things together.  For example, try having a digital dinner with someone you just met online, plan a virtual night out (in) with friends or a  digital book club meeting.

2. One – minute kindness
Receiving instant virtual acknowledgement may give you a quick hit of dopamine, but getting a personal message with a sincere intention or compliment is longer lasting. Keep this in mind when you are scrolling through your timeline. Stop and take the time to send someone kind words instead of just clicking on the like button. We can all use some extra kindness these days to manage all the stress and uncertainty of the coronavirus.

3. Expand your community
The fundament of connection is common ground. Whatever your  specific interest is, there’s probably an online community of people who share your passion and can’t wait to talk about it as much as you do. There are so many digital support groups and you should use these networks to engage around what matters most to you.

4. Mindfulness
Meditation reduces inflammation and enhances our immune functions, it can literally undo the damage of self-isolation. Meditation is not just about clearing your mind. It’s about managing your attention, and it’s a hard skill to learn without some kind of guidance. fortunately, there are several options. Nowadays you can download meditations apps or search for videos online.

5. Deepen and Broaden
In the basis, there are two ways to overcome loneliness: cherish your existing relationships or try to form new ones. Reflect on how you are doing at the moment and what’s the state of your current social health. Afterwards take digital action to deepen it – such as getting in touch with family or friends you haven’t spoken with in a long time. You can also try to broaden your social environment by reaching out to someone you’d like to get to know.

How to prevent loneliness in a time of social distancing?