The Five Layers of dance

The five layers of dance



Though dance brings an element of skill and presentation, this is only one layer. Perhaps the most noticeable, because it is what you see on the outside, but watching a dancer in the flow can give a sense that something magical is happening. Something beneath the exterior.



Regardless of what we are doing on the outside (whether it have a form or not). There can be an inner flow alive. Synchronizing breath with movement, or inspiring music can help us connect to this state. In partner dance it could be focusing intently on the touch received.



A melody or movement can evoke an emotion, thereby gently coaxing a feeling out that lives inside. These small releases can bring stagnant energy into motion. Going deeper into this aspect we can play out shadow sides or process lingering trauma. For this process it might be nice for someone to assist you in the beginning, but every body holds a map of memories that can guide you through your individual process.



By listening to our own bodies we stay tuned in to our own sensations, movement is a way to keep a part of our attention for ourselves. This prevents us from giving or focusing on the other from a place that is not centered.


The more you dance with an intention of self-discovery, the more awareness you can bring into your body. This can be done by scanning each part of the body and feeling into the sensations that arise.


For an overview of Mirror Center’s dance activities have a look at our “body” activities.

~ Ariana Norcia