Traditional Tantric Massage Course

4-day Traditional tantric  massage course May 18 - 21

Do you feel the longing to dive deeper into divinity, sensuality & healing touch?

To uncover the wounds in our collective and redefine your sexuality?

To feel safety and autonomy in your own body and be supported in a safe environment?


18 - 21 May we welcomed the House of Tantra at the Mirror Centre for a 4 day intensive massage and tantra transmission.


During this intensive Zenon transmitted:

Unique massage ritual celebrating the divinity of a woman and a man

Deep healing and relaxation by opening the body for more pleasure

New massage modality to offer to your clients if you are a professional massage therapists or want to become one

Tantric Shiva-Shakti meditation that connects giver and receiver as a preparation for massage

Renewed intimacy if you are in a relationship

New dimension of pleasure, that connects body and spirit

Wheel of Consent, communication tools to create a safe space


What is Kashmiri Massage?

Kashmiri Tantra massage is a powerful tool to activate life force energy. Different strokes, positions, breathwork and meditations will awaken the chakras, allowing energy to flow through the body and raise your frequency and consciousness to a heightened state.
This is a process in which blocked chakras can start to flow, bringing the body into a state of natural healing, flow and bliss. Our bodies tend to store unresolved trauma and tension, this is why massage is such an effective tool for release.


What is Tantra?

Literally translated the word tantra has two meanings:
1) Text: Pointing to the ancient scriptures in which a spiritual path of embracement is described.

2) Web: Referring to the web that connects us all to each other, including every single thing and aspect of life. From this point of view every action that one takes affects the whole. This is why some tantric practices include the prayer that this practise / ritual may take place for the benefit of all.

What sets Tantra apart from many spiritual practises is the inclusion of all life’s aspects. Instead of renouncing or pushing away aspects of life, (like sexuality, desire and attachments,) these longings are meditated on and brought into the light of our consciousness. Desire becomes a gateway into the devine and are cultivated and controlled instead of repressed or rejected.

In our modern day it has become quite impossible to live in this society and practice renunciation, this makes tantra a path that is very suitable for the modern day Westerner.


About the House of Tantra

The house of Tantra is an international School teaching sacred sexuality, spirituality and healing. Offering massage, dance, initiation and teacher courses, as well as retreats.


About Zenon D. Dorje

Zenon is an adept of the Himalayan traditional path. He is a yogi, who follows the path of Zen and Tantra. Teaching at the House of Tantra, he specialises in meditation, breathwork and the inner alchemy of tantric yoga.  His teachings centre around finding completeness, healing and personal autonomy.