Tantra - Wisdom of the heart ♥ 

Tantra ~ Wisdom of the heart

With closed eyes we are handed an object to explore with our hands. After a few minutes I hear the workshop leader speak: “As soon as you think you’ve felt all there is to feel, slow down, explore as if it were the first time, barely touch”

I notice that as I apply more or less pressure I experience the texture of the object differently, I start to find details on the piece of cloth that I quickly labeled “headband” that I hadn’t noticed before.

This seemingly magical transformation was a shift from thinking to feeling. Even as I type these words I can connect back to this state by slowly and intently experiencing the touch of the keyboard. We could even call this ‘tantric typing’

So what is tantra?
At this point I am tempted to pull out a book or google information, but I feel it would somehow miss the point to do this. Telling you a story does not bring you any closer to tantra.

So I would like to start by asking you to bring your attention inward; is there any sensation that your attention naturally gravitates to? A tightness in your neck? A knot in your stomach? A swelling in your chest?

For me at this moment it is fatigue. But if I remove the label ‘fatigue’ and observe this sensation with ‘new eyes’ I notice it is a buzzing sensation in my head, a disconnection from feeling, a detachment from the impulses that set me into motion.

Now instead of getting a cup of coffee, or judging myself for being lazy and so on. I draw the feeling into my heart, and let it fill my whole body. As I do this the feeling transforms, sometimes slightly and sometimes drastically.

Welcoming ALL
We in the West are pretty focused on sex, right? The Western world labeling tantra as sex says more about our perception than what Tantra actually is.

Tantra is a sacred practice in which all is valued equally, there is no good or bad feeling or way of being. This is a way of integrating shadow aspects of the self and not developing addictions or dysfunctional behaviors. This could be a way of exploring healthy sexuality, a way of celibacy, or anything else!

Tantra is letting go of labels, getting in touch with your ‘gut feeling’, non-duality, all encompassing. Life.

If this triggered your curiosity have a look at Tantric Dance events

~ Ariana Norcia