Rigpa Energetic Healing

In this seminar you will learn how to apply Rigpa Energetic Healing, a Tibetan Energetic way of healing, to yourself, others and over distance. 
This powerful energy system was created by Tibetan monks thousands of years ago, and was only past on and taught amongst them. These techniques remained sealed and secret until approximately 25 years ago when they started step by step to share them with the world.

The Rigpa Energetic Healing system is based on healing techniques developed by Buddhist Monks based on the Medicine Buddha teachings.These tools interact directly with the vibrations of the Being, working as well with the energy of the earth. Rigpa Energetic Healing’ can literally be translated: The path of the vibrational healing. It allows the vibrational frequency of the individual to increase both on the physical level, mental, and energetic.

Each cell and organ of our body vibrates at a certain frequency. When an organ is healthy its vibratory frequency is in harmony with the rest of the body. If this frequency is altered, this harmony is broken and we experience discomfort, pain and disease.

This method allows to bring back these frequencies to their natural state of well-being. “A lower vibrational frequency (disease, negativity, illnesses) can not coexist in a higher frequency (well-being, happiness, and love).” At the same time this energy system Sin-do is an excellent enhancer to the benefits of other natural healing techniques.

In this initiating course level 1 the students will acknowledge how to precisely use these techniques in general and how to strengthen the channelling and the flow of the healing energy which is LIFE itself. Receiving the initiation or tuning in this therapeutic path will allow the persons attending the seminar to be qualified to channel the energy and the Universal Vital Vibration through their hands so they can work or transmit this energy with confidence.

“Remember your true nature 
and live a joyful life in freedom, from the heart!„

Mundo Armonía is a project created by Jose Antonio Manchado in order to bring the value of peace and happiness to the world and all beings without any exception.

In July 2014 Jose visited Amsterdam, he met Irene Sportel, and with great enthusiasm they planned a first week of events in October of that same year. Now, 2.5 years later, already 6 weeks full of beautiful and powerful events have been taken place in Amsterdam, in which Jose shared Tibetan ways of healing, practices to connect with our hearts and help ourselves and others to heal. And so, Mundo Armonía Holanda was born!

Your first contact person for Mundo Armonia Holanda is Irene Sportel, who lives in Amsterdam and organises the events for and with Jose. Apart from events with Jose, Free Healing evenings and Rigpa Energetic Healing Family Sharings are organised throughout the year.


Jose Antonio Manchado BIOGRAPHY

·          José Antonio Manchado

·          1976

·          Lanzarote, Spain

·          Author of the Book: “Be happier than the Dalai Lama”

·          Meditation teacher.

·          Certified instructor of fire walking by the Institute of research

         and education of Dallas,Texas.

·          Master of ancient and modern Tibetan singing Bowls therapy and Gong therapy

·          Master of Reiki Usui and Rigpa Energetic Healing.

Since the year 1998 Jose has been in constant practice and learning from several Teachers (Tibetan Buddhist, Zen Monks and Lamas) in the fields of meditation, healing, sound therapy, Tibetan energy and vibrational therapies . In 2001 he got initiated to Vajrayana Buddhism (taking Tibetan Buddhist refuge) with the name of Karma Dorje Jikme.

New dates coming soon! 

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