Clarity Breathwork Level 1

Sacred Breath & Embodiment
October 12 – 14, 2018
With Ashanna Solaris & Dana DeLong

Clarity Breathwork is a gentle, compassionate Feminine approach to breathing & healing that has been shifting lives around the planet! Every breath we take is sacred and has the power to open us to the Infinite. When we breathe fully and consciously we can heal our hearts, minds, bodies, and open to the Divine in everything.

Join us for an empowering, rejuvenating weekend with Clarity Breathwork sessions, live music, kirtan, light body meditations, sacred healing process, and movement to bring yourself into fuller embodiment of who you really are.

Experience the awesome healing power of breath to transform your life! Unravel limited beliefs, emotional patterns, physical blocks, and imprints from birth, childhood, and past experiences from the cells of your body. Use sacred chanting, movement, meditation, and breath to embody more fully who you are and LIVE IT. Join us for a weekend you’ll value the rest of your life!

Most of us don’t breathe fully. We hold the breath in and may have been holding it in since the first breath when the umbilical cord was cut too soon and we were swung upside down and spanked. Many of us have thoughts like: It’s not safe to be here, I’m not supported, Life is a struggle, People hurt me, I’m all alone, I can’t make it. These may be birth thoughts that can profoundly affect our life experience. These thoughts can be further imprinted by childhood and adult traumatic experiences. Level 1 explores pre & peri-natal psychology and the impact of birth, childhood traumas & negative core beliefs.

Cost: €275 / $325 US by August 15; €300 / $350 US thereafter. Friday only: €35 advance, €45 at the door–space depending.
Times: Friday eve 7 – 10 pm, Sat & Sun 10 am – 6 pm.
Evening Only: €35 in Advance/€45 at the door (space depending)

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Ashanna Solaris has been an alternative therapist and teacher for over three decades, facilitating hundreds of workshops and private sessions. Ashanna is a Certified Clarity Breathwork™ Practitioner and Trainer facilitating workshops in the U.S. and internationally, for personal transformation and training practitioners in the healing arts. Ashanna is a Somatic Experiencing Graduate, Reiki Master, Certified Hypnotherapist, Intuitive Counselor, Light Body Teacher, Sound Healer, and Public Speaker. Her education includes numerous trainings and certifications including New York University and California Institute of Integral Studies. She has a private practice in Berkeley, CA. Visit:

Dana DeLong (Dharma Devi) has been involved in the Global Breathwork Community for over 35 years as a Certified Clarity Breathwork Trainer and Practitioner, inspirational teacher and guide. She is also certified by ARTI (Association of Rebirthers and Trainers int’l.), and the former LRT (Loving Relationships Training) as well as Condor Blanco in Chile-a holistic and ecological mystery school. She is the co-founder of Clarity Breathwork & Clarity Productions, producing seminars, retreats and musical events around the globe. Dana is also an international recording artist and gifted flautist, kirtan chant leader with several CDs, both solo and in collaboration with other major artists. Visit:



12 oktober

Sacred Breath & Embodiment Clarity Breathwork level 1 

19:00 - 22:00

13 oktober

Sacred Breath & Embodiment Clarity Breathwork level 1 

10:00 – 18:00

14 oktober

Sacred Breath & Embodiment Clarity Breathwork level 1 

10:00 – 18:00

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