Yin Yang Yoga

Yin Yang is a philosophy of achieving a balanced system in which two opposite elements, Yin and Yang, work together and complement each other to give rise to greater and more harmonized form. Based on ancient philosophy, Yin Yang yoga seeks to harness the benefits of vigorous body strengthening yoga postures (yang) with soothing and flexibility enhancing poses (yin) to create well-rounded and satisfying practice.

In this Yin Yang yoga session, we will explore both strength building dynamic sequences with rounds of sun salutations and gentler, deep tissue stretching postures with mindful awareness of the sensations that arise both in body and mind. By blending these Yin and Yang aspects within one class, we cultivate our practice aimed at bringing more balance and resilience physically, energetically and mentally.

I am a certified yoga teacher and over the years, I have practiced various styles of yoga such as Iyengar, Vinyasa and Yin and I have come to appreciate the benefits and emphases of all these yoga methods. Ultimately, I began developing a particular interest in Yin Yang yoga which offers an effective and inclusive approach to yoga as it mindfully combines elements such as rhythm and dynamic sequencing from Vinyasa, body alignment from Iyengar and passive and long-held poses from Yin in one session.

Having witnessed its powerful effects on the energetic flows of the body and how it can help us to go deeper with less effort, I am looking forward to sharing it with you by providing an environment where we can explore together how to experience the power of integrative practice that you can find in Yin Yang yoga.

Trail class                 Free
Single class              € 12-
Single class              € 6,- (student/stadspas)
5 classes                  € 45,- (2 months)
10 classes                € 85,- (3 months)

Please transfer the payment to the following account:

Bank : ABN - AMRO
Name: A Baasanjav

Account: NL 31 ABNA 0426 0800 68

Message: Name of the attendee, and date of the class

Cash is also accepted. 

Duration of the class: 75 min





Yin Yang Yoga



10:00 – 11:15


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